How to paint, and not disturb the clients….

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The exterior of you building should always look crisp and clean. Here is also a need to wash it down yearly to keep it looking fresh. This is the first thing potential clients see, and by having it look good in a positive reflection on your business. On the interior you lobby and seating areas need to look their best. A fresh coat of paint will appeal to your customers. Once we do an Asheville commercial painting project, we offer yearly touch up services, to keep these area looking good for a minimal expense. Changing up the colors in your offices can also boost morale among your employees. Whether it is your exterior or your interior, we make the experience as minimally invasive on you clientele and we will ensure that your project is completed on time.

When we get calls in Asheville from commercial painting clients whose offices can’t be closed down for the day, we schedule our work on weekends or after hours so we don’t interrupt their schedules. Our customers know, we will take care of the work with complete cleanup so they can continue their business the next day. We provide materials with no VOC’s to protect people and animals. Our Asheville interior contracting projects include- Business offices, Medical and Dental, Art Museums, Hotels and Condos, Veterinarian Offices, Retail, Churches and Synagogues. We also work for Rental and Real Estate Companies who need the work completed as quickly as possible to get them back on the market. With a lot of our rental units, after we do them, there is a record of color and product, so that the next time, we can go through and touch up spaces, saving the owners money.

We are fully insured. We have an A+ with the BBB and have won the Griffin Award Twice for Historical Preservation.